Charles Kingsley and Beatrix Potter
It has apparently been the practice of certain members of the upper middle classes and upper classes in England to attempt to inculcate a sense of morality in their children by using methods other than banging them over the head with a heavy copy of the family Bible.

One effective method was to parody the use of the Miracle and Morality Plays of olde Englande

and develop stories involving child-like characters to which young children could relate.

The characters could then be portrayed as getting into trouble by not doing as they were told by their elders and betters - the morals of the stories were not exactly subtle forms of mind control.

In my case - not being from the upper part of anything - I still succumbed to the mind control, but to be honest, I think the basic ideas about Being Nice To Other People and Not Being Mean Even When You Really Feel Like It are pretty positive behaviours to cultivate.

They are for me, anyway :)

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