Web Trek
Web Trek - An interesting idea occured to me very late one night (about 3.30am, as it happens).  At least, I found it interesting.  It might even be practical.

Suppose a young kid (girl or boy) puts together a solar powered flying model - it could be a helicopter or something more exotic.  The idea is that s/he wants to fly it across country - maybe even across the world - to visit other places and, using a bunch of onboard webcams, send back pictures of what it sees.

Rather than equip it with artificial intelligence I figured the kid could wake it up during its "day", fly it remotely for a distance - see how far it gets, what it sees - and then land it somewhere safe for its "night" (wherever it happens to be in terms of time zone) until s/he next has a chance to fly it.  That way s/he could fly around the globe - as long as the equipment holds out...

Last updated: October 10, 2002

Peter Brooks

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