Silly Therapy For Beginners
The Background
Silly Therapy For Beginners (in progress) - This is my first attempt at a full length solid piece of silly humor, using a set of silly photos taken when I was being especially silly in 1973.  This may turn into my second professional piece of silliness - only time and a successful book deal will tell.

Now what should happen is that when you start to read the text, you'll probably look something like this:

But part way through or possibly right at the end before they come to take you away, you'll probably look like this:

However, if you look like this:

They'll almost certainly haul you off.

Since the material is just about 30 years old, I can claim, with some substance, that the silliness contained therein has been tested exhaustively for 30 years and is therefore guaranteed to be at least silly enough to make you grin, and possibly silly enough to make you try out some of the suggested therapies in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Since bathrooms are associated with distinctly silly noises nobody will be any the wiser, unless you laugh too loudly, in which case everyone will take notice and you may see a little yellow van draw up at your front door.

Enjoy, laugh loud and long, but don't send me any medical bills for ruptures, hernias and burst blood vessels.

Last updated: June 2, 2002 

Peter Brooks

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