The Business (Temporary title)
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After being the victim of identity theft in 2001 I learned quite a bit more about this rising new form of crime in the course of my attempts to "clear" my name.

I even tried to interest The Smithsonian in a full length article about my experience but after more than 20 weeks I finally received a turn down.

It occurred to me that there might be a story somewhere in there if I could tweak the truth with the exercise of a little imagination.

Then I had a cosy little chat with the Internal Revenue Service about my financial circumstances during a particularly long (and traumatic) period of unemployment.

The person to whom I spoke refused to believe that my income was so minimal compared with my expenses.  They kept saying that they couldn't see how I could survive and I kept resisting the urge to shout "TELL ME ABOUT IT!"

They continually hinted that I might have a car or two or some land tucked away somewhere, or maybe a business that I'd forgotten about.

Afterwards I found myself wishing that I *did* have a secret business tucked away somewhere, and suddenly a connection was made between that wish and the identity theft of the year before.

The result is a pitch for The Business.  I think it has possibilities - either as a one-off story line for a movie or even as a short run TV series.

The premise is available on WriteSafe and here.

Last updated: June 2, 2002

Peter Brooks

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