Departure from Reality
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The concept arose out of the question: What would happen if someone with multiple personality disorder (MPD) were to be kidnapped by one of their alternate personalities?

Two possibilities sprang to mind: a tragi-drama, and a comedy.  The tragi-drama was worked on first, since certain aspects came more easily.

The comedy might (nothing's fixed yet) arise when both kidnap victim AND rescuing cop suffer from the same problem (MPD) and they switch between alternate personalities unpredictably.  This is MUCH harder to put together, so it's on the back burner for now.

I chose an arid, out-of-the-way location (which doesn't exist to the best of my knowledge - Reality, Nevada is not listed anywhere as a town), with a derelict, abandoned feel to add to the isolation.  I've not been to Nevada yet but I can see the location in my mind's eye...

I also wanted to bring in some examples of developing technology - if you read the treatment (the link's in the next column) you'll see that I specifically mention the Moller Skycar and the SoloTrek.

In a way this is product placement, but not of the worst kind.  The intention is to raise awareness of the potential future - if we can make the leap to easier air travel, we can colonise more of the land on the planet and reduce a number of our most pressing problems.

The less concentrated we are geographically, the better it is for everyone, and there is a lot of land out there that is underutilized.

At the same time I also wanted to look at aspects of human DNA - what would happen if a specific mutation was possible in all nucleated cells, perhaps orchestrated by something akin to a biological clock?

If Gene Therapy is going to succeed in its promise, we may be looking at that process before very long...

Finally, I wanted to experiment with a little role reversal.  "In the Heat of the Night" has always been a favorite movie of mine and I wondered what would happen if I changed Mr Tibbs to Ms Tibbs.

All in all it's a very complex mix of situations and characters and I'm really interested to see how it turns out.

The original treatment (...One) is available on WriteSafe and here, and a slightly modified version (...Two) is available here.  The second version replaces part of the Pitch - the Three Faces of Eve (or even Sybil) as dramas are better references than Me, Myself & Irene, a farcical comedy.  I have ideas for a comedic version of DfR but nothing remotely developed yet.

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